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Jim K. - Buffalo, NY

Without a doubt in my mind, the GREATEST Gourmet Hot Sauce ever produced, This man was a genius in his own time...

Without a doubt in my mind, the GREATEST Gourmet Hot Sauce ever produced, This man was a genius in his own time. After years of trying to produce a product that would make all of the other hot sauces bow down to him, he has accomplished the finest sauce out there. If I don’t mind saying this, “Tom’s don’t claim to be the best, he’s just ahead of all the rest”, Buffalo Tom’s Hot Sauce.

Jim K Buffalo, NY

Candy K. - Louisville, KY

FYI Tom, last night my Honey asked me if I had reordered the BT Sauce yet...

FYI Tom, last night my Honey asked me if I had reordered the BT Sauce yet!
When I said no he said “well get busy and order because I am almost out”!! LOL
Well I placed order this morning

Candy K. – Louisville,  KY

Katie - West Side, Buffalo, N.Y.

Buffalo Tom's crockpotted chicken stuffed sweet potato. I have become a tad obsessed, Frog not included...

Buffalo Tom’s crockpotted chicken stuffed sweet potato.
I have become a tad obsessed, Frog not included.

Here’s My take on a stuffed sweet potato recipe that I made last night: No real recipe, just something I did. It is addictingly good. I usually make this with a bottle of Frank’s and a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dry dressing mix, but your sauce was on display/up for taste testing on chicken wings at the Lexington Co op last weekend and I said that I wondered how it would be in a crockpot.
The girl handing out the samples and my friend all went “ooooohhhh”… so my friend did it first last week and I did it last night! YUM!!!

Sylvia - Arcade, New York

Beautiful heartburn free spiciness came in the mail today...

Beautiful heartburn free spiciness came in the mail today!

Thanks so much for your six pack order once again Sylvia and for the Great photo and the Great Testimonial…I am looking forward to more pics of what you will be preparing with Buffalo Tom’s…

A Friend of Sylvia responds asking: What makes it heartburn free?

Sylvia responds with: No clue. I’m not questioning the magic tho.

Ken & Lynn - Hamburg, NY

Was a nice surprise seeing you at the Farmer’s Market in Blasdell, NY today...

Hello again Buffalo Tom,

Was a nice surprise seeing you at the Farmer’s Market in Blasdell, NY today. After first sampling some of your recipes which were flavored with your Gourmet Hot Sauce at the McKinley Mall, Made in America store last month, we decided to visit your online site and print out your Sweet Turkey Chili dish. It came out so good, that I was excited about letting my 91 yr. old mom try some. She absolutely loved it! She still enjoys an occasional spicy dish, even at her age and she said that your Sweet Turkey Chili which was spiced with your Gourmet Hot Sauce was absolutely addictive! Since then, I have brought her more and she now wants my sisters to have your recipe as well. Sounds like something that will now be in the family!

Thanks again for your delicious hot sauce and recipes.

Ken & Lynn – Hamburg, NY

Megan - Verona, NY

There are special moments in life: the birth of your first child; your first kiss; your wedding day; the first time you taste Buffalo Tom's sauce...

There are special moments in life: the birth of your first child; your first kiss; your wedding day; the first time you taste Buffalo Tom’s sauce. The ecstatic bliss that is Tom’s sauce is the only source of pure happiness that money can buy. This gloriously spicy elixir can revive the dead, solve world hunger, and bring about world peace. How did I come to know the glory of Buffalo Tom’s Sauce, you may ask? Well, that, too, is nearly as interesting a story as Tom’s sauce. During a spiritual sojourn through the New York State Fair, disenchanted by the countless so-called hot sauces I had encountered in markets throughout the world, I cynically approached the prodigy himself astride a majestic Buffalo in the Horticulture building. He beckoned me to try his sauce, but I, weary in Hot-sauce induced heartbreak, was reluctant to try yet another sauce– My heart knew too many disappointments before. Yet, as I relented from my skepticism that magical moment peeled both time and space itself away as I fell into Hot Sauce bliss. No Hot-Sauce Nirvana. My Bottle of sauce lasted the year, and brought with it a bounty of countless spice rich delights. The following year, on my annual pilgrimage to the fair, I was crestfallen to see that Tom- like the magic elixir in that bottle I purchased the year before– had vanished… Had he returned to the land of mythic sauce purveyors? Where could I find him? Buffalo, apparently, as I would later find out… The ensuing year was a blur. All food tasted like ash in my mouth. One day bled into the next. Until my return to the Fair in 2016, whereupon I beheld the glorious sultan of sauce once more. I bowed before him and exclaimed ” I’ve scowered the world for you” to which he responded “I’m in Buffalo” I knew from that movement on, my life had changed. The flavor had returned to my life and with it my sanity, love, and happiness. So, if you too wish to experience the life altering bliss of Tom’s sauce, you can find him striding a loft a wild saucy buffalo through the plains of joy, or here on his website, or also, somewhere in Buffalo, NY. Anyway, it’s damn good sauce.

Megan – Verona, NY

Michelle - Eagle River, WI

Thank you very much we all love the hot sauce...

Hello Buffalo Tom,
Thank you very much we all love the hot sauce that I got the other day.
I was working one night at a little bar called Smugglers and a guy just brought a bottle of the hot sauce in and gave me a bottle.
So we all enjoyed it and I saw that you had a web site so I finally ordered some and it Is GREAT.
Thanks again.  You will hear from me again.  

Michelle – Eagle River, WI

Josh - Toronto, Ontario Canada

It goes well with so many different things - eggs, chicken, steak, salads...

Buffalo Tom’s is great!!

It goes well with so many different things – eggs, chicken, steak, salads. It has just the right amount of Kick to it, it’s a must try!

Josh – Toronto, Ontario Canada

Mike B. - Greenacres, FL

I have tried every wing sauce sold in my part of the world. Some are ok; but not great. Most are a waste!

Hello Michael, Thanks so much for your order of a 2 pack of my Gourmet Hot Sauce. For marketing reasons, could you please tell me how you found out about my sauce and what made you decide to place an order.

I have tried every wing sauce sold in my part of the world. Some are ok; but not great. Most are a waste!

I googled the best wing sauce and your brand came up. I checked the reviews and saw people taking pics with bottle in hand; in different parts of the country. I can relate to that kind of loyalty. When I travel, I take my favorite steak sauce with me.
(yes, my wife thinks I’m nuts)

I’ll let you know what I think.

Mike B. Greenacres, FL

Mike B. - Greenacres, FL

Sauce came in yesterday. Bought some wings at Publix on the way home. Grilled them and poured some sauce on them. Man it was fantastic!

Buffalo Tom:

Sauce came in yesterday. Bought some wings at Publix on the way home. Grilled them and poured some sauce on them. Man it was fantastic! This sauce is truly the best sauce I’ve ever had! (Squeeze bootle was a nice touch, thanks!).

I’ll definitely be taken some pics and forwarding them on to you. Just have to wait till the rain we have been having stops. (for some reason people expect Florida to be always sunny in pics).


Mike B. Greenacres, FL

PS: I’ll be ordering more sauce in the coming days.

PPS: I’m flying to a wedding in Canada (in the Ottawa area) this July. It’s my niece and she’s doing it very informal – on the apple farm & dinner will be a huge BBQ (wings, chicken, steak, sausage & most anything else that can be grilled). I’ll definitely be packing some bottles in my luggage for that occasion. I’m sure it will be a huge hit!
As Ottawa is the capital of Canada, I’ll get some pics with a bottle of sauce & the Canadian Parliament buildings in the background. Should be cool!

Mike B. - Greenacres, FL

I have a few friends that are BBQ fanatics and I want to give them each a bottle to try...

Thanks Michael, so much for your 1 case order of Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce. I will be shipping your order via FedEx tomorrow and you should be receiving it by Saturday or Monday. Did you go through your original order of 2 bottles already?


Still have some left. Just stocking up.
I have a few friends that are BBQ fanatics and I want to give them each a bottle to try (spreading the word if you will). Also, I will be taking a few bottles with me to Canada for my nieces wedding in July. I know they are going to love it!
When I like something, I don’t like to run out.
Hoping one day, I can get it at my local Publix, But until then, I stock up.
Mike B. Greenacres, FL

Joe Sciandra - Amherst, NY

I'm almost out of my 2nd bottle already where can I get more??

I’m almost out of my 2nd bottle already where can I get more??

I’m pretty much drinking it haha it accommodates everything I eat. Once in a while I have a spoonful just for the flavor

Joe Sciandra – Amherst, NY

Cherri - Windsor Mill, MD

This is one delicious salad. I love and my mouth loves spicy and hot...

This is one delicious salad. I love and my mouth loves spicy and hot. Have to have my jalapenos, banana peppers, and Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce. Each and every morsel dances joyfully around in my mouth. It’s like a safe haven. Wooh wooh! LOL. Thank goodness for the sense of taste. Cherri – Windsor Mill, MD

Wow, Buffalo Tom himself hooked me up with two of his bottles of hot sauce and my oh my are they phenomenal. I’m the type who never used hot sauce due to the fact that I just don’t like it. But this is the first one that I have personally used more than once. My father even loved it and he also doesn’t normally use hot sauce either. Keep up the good work.

Alvin P

Buffalo, New York


My old buffalonian friend came to visit me in the UK last year and brought a selection of not-available-in-the-UK-hot sauces for me, bless him. Buffalo Tom’s was the last one I got round to, and it’s the pick of the litter by far, exceptional sauce, fantastic. I’ll be sweet-talking for more soon!

David L 

Staffordshire, United Kingdom


LOVE Buffalo Tom`s Gourmet Hot Sauce! I use it on Pizza, wings ,ribs ,beans ,steaks , spaghetti sauce ,burgers , the list goes on and on …………. did I make your mouth water ? 😉 Great flavor , BEST HOT SAUCE I ever tasted!!!


Hamburg, NY


Oh my goodness! I just had a vegetable omelet with Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce. The delicious spicy taste awakened and pleased my palate. Talking about some kind of good. Yum yum! And it’s all natural. There’s none other. And I’m a connoisseur of hot sauces. Ha! Wooh wooh!


Windsor Mill, MD


Hello from Wellsville~!!!! I’ve been using and giving as gifts Buffalo Toms Hot Sauce for over a year now~~ Everyone Loves the sauce, as do I~! I use it on almost everything! But as a big plus, Tom is a really nice man, thats in part why I think his Sauce is so special~!! I pray he wins this contest, because on top of his product being the best……He as a person really deserves to win~!!!! Thanks~ 🙂

Laurie S / Wellsville, NY


I was introduced to Buffalo Tom’s Sauce by a facebook friend from Fredonia! She bragged about how good it was and I had to order a pack! It is DELICIOUS!! We use it on Shrimp, beef, chicken and it is always a hit! Sooo glad I discovered this! Try it and you will be glad you did!

Candy K / Louisville,  Ky


I had the privilege of trying this most exquisite nuclear flavor bomb…….& I must say…..”BUFFALO TOM’S: GOURMET HOT SAUCE”….is….. BY FAR…..one of the most satisfying & unique taste experiences available today !!! Buffalo Tom is a modern day Dr. Frankenstein…….A man who’s created a monster of a sauce that when applied to ANY dish….your meal will come ALIVE & SPARK your taste buds in a most devilishly satisfying way !!!! Take my advice & try “BUFFALO TOM’S: GOURMET HOT SAUCE” ……..your first bottle won’t be your last……I’ll guarantee that 🙂

Jay S / Mobile Alabama


Well I was never a big hot sauce fan…of any kind. I may have used it a handful of times in my life but was never a big fan. Then came Buffalo Tom, whom I met through our mutual love of the BUFFALO BILLS. Eventually BT sent us a case of his hot sauce and WOW!!! I fell in love! It’s not too hot, but not too weak, and BEST of all is this unique taste it has unlike other hot sauces I have tried that are pretty much hot…and that’s it…not much in the way of flavor. However now we are NEVER without a bottle of BT’s Gourmet Hot Sauce. We use it in so many different dishes! We put it on pasta, sometimes a little in our salad dressings, and I even use it as a potato chip dip! It truly is great, GREAT stuff! I rarely write testimonials, especially a lengthy one like this, unless I am REALLY impressed with something. Well, if YOU like hot sauce, you HAVE to try BT’s, I never even liked it and now I’m an addict!

Lou P / Feeding Hills. MA


I was always a fan of Frank’s hot sauce, until I tried Buffalo Toms!! Its hot like Frank’s, but has so much flavor in addition to the hot! I buy it by the case because in my household, a bottle would never last!!

Tina S / Buffalo,  NY


I was so lucky a dear friend Laurie  sent me a bottle…I did hot wings and my hubby does not like them as a rule..he loved these with Buffalo Tom’s sauce..it is so good…and also I had some on pizza oh my I love this stuff ……….

Bren K / Shepherd Texas


Recently, I sent a message to a new customer making sure the six pack he ordered had arrived and I asked him for marketing resons, how he came across  Buffalo Tom’s- Here is his reply:

I did receive my sauce and it’s as good as I hoped it was, I found your site
online doing a search for ” the worlds best wing sauce”.

Greg / Mantua, OH


Got my sauce today 4/5/2013 and it is soooooo good!! Thanks Buffalo Tom! As long as your making this sauce, I will be buying it here in Calhoun,Ga!!



I just received my shipment of Buffalo Tom’s yesterday 4/4/2013 and already I am thinking of all the ways I can use it. When I first tasted it I thought it was a very flavorful vinegar based sauce but then, then back end heat hit me. It was wonderful. My new fav go to hot sauce. The taste of Buffalo Tom’s gives a versatility you just don’t get with other hot sauces. Two thumbs up. I highly recommend.

Angela / Fredericksburg, Va


Hey Tom, finally got to try the Hot Sauce today 3/29/2013. Loved it! Just the right level of spice, my @#$ remains attached to my body. Good luck as ever with it, tastes great! Homer Simpson was right “It won’t blow your @#$ off!” Word is spreading 🙂

Best, JT. Liverpool UK


The first taste is unique & will knock you back……but once you regain your footing…..you’ll want more & more !!!! Very addicting !!! I’ve even put it on eggs.

The hot sauce of champions !!!! Try it on a roast beef sandwich……epic flavor-bomb!!!!!

Jay / Mobile-Alabama


I took my son to Applebee’s at the Southgate Plaza last night, and the only thing that could’ve made that bourbon steak any better would’ve been some Buffalo Tom’s hot sauce!!

Buffalo, NY


Bought a case of sauce and it arrived today. Pretty much went through a whole bottle in 10 hrs as this stuff is absolutely “DELICIOUS”. Slobbered it all over my pork chops and that was the best pig I ever ate. Can’t wait to try it in a Bloody Mary and will try it on everything from now on. MOVE OVER BUFFALO BOB & HOWDY DOODY CAUSE THERES A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN AND HE IS BUFFALO TOM AND HIS SOON TO BE WORLD CLASS HOT SAUCE!!!!!

Ron – From Westfield, New York

PS: Thanks Tom and keep up the good work looking forward to the next case as I’m shipping a bunch of this case to my friends around the country!!


This Testimonial came to me yesterday,from Karen Cehulic Eichinger from Kenmore, NY
Hello. Finally got a chance to try your hot sauce. Picked some up at Premier the other day. Very good. Great flavor and just the right amount of heat. Some sauces are super hot but don’t have much flavor. Yours is excellent. Might pick another up for my daughter who’ll be home from school for holiday break soon(to bring back with her).


 This feed came to me from Alabama from Jay Sims.

Got my “Buffalo Tom’s: Gourmet Hot Sauce” earlier today. Just cracked open the bottle & tried a taste……&……***SMILE YOU SONOFA*****…..What a hella-tasty flavor bomb of a sauce !!!!!! This is some serious… 4th of July… FLAVORWORKS…that will wow & delight all yer’ taste buds 😉 “Quint’s Machete” gives this a hearty FINS up !!! You ROCK…Buffalo Tom !!!!


There is no other sauce in the world like Buffalo Tom’s Hot Sauce – I use it on everything I eat.

Blair -FL, USA


So, I’m sitting here eating my BT’s and pizza and looking back at my day… Thanks to Tom, his amazing sauce, and the help of my crew, not only am I enjoying the best hot sauce on the market bar none, but I’m also savoring victory. Today the Buffalo Tom’s #16 “BT Cruiser” came across the finish line first in the Ransomville Speedway “Hangover 100”. And your taste buds will feel like they are in Victory Lane every time you splash a bit of his fine sauce on your food. I know that I could never have done it with out the fire in my belly that only B.T.’s can give. YEAH BABY!!!! 

And remember, I’m not only the driver, I’m also a client!

Bill S. -OTW-Racing.com


Since I have started to use Buffalo Tom’s Hot Sauce, I take a bottle to work with me everyday. Last week I was told by a co worker that everything that I eat must taste like B.T.’s and I replied “Hey all I want is the sauce everything else is just something to put it on.” 

Shawn C. -Buffalo, NY USA


This sauce is great! I’ve put it on wings,burgers,chili and everything else you could think of and it hasn’t failed me yet.

If I can’t find anything handy to put it on I just take a swig right out of the bottle! Get some! 

Stephen M. -Easley, SC USA 


Having spend a lot of time in New Orleans, and enjoying their many varieties of Cajun food and hot sauces, 

I must say, “Buffalo Toms hot sauce” has now raised the bar for hot sauce lovers. His combination of spices and peppers gives you the heat you crave, but the flavor of the spices also breaks through. The sauce is great on everything, and it gives your Bloody Mary’s a pleasant jolt. 

B.T.’s sauce is an absolute winner!!! 

Larry R. -Clarence, NY USA 


Whoooeeeeeeee! I was just amazed at the flavor and spices that Buffalo Tom put into his hot sauce. I use it whenever I want something to taste extra special. Hurry up and get me some more!!! 

Chay -Ft. Lauderdale, Fl USA


My friends and I had home made chicken wings and chili one night. I introduced them to Buffalo Tom’s and they used up three bottles. They put it on everything, including the oyster crackers while they were waiting for the chili to finish cooking. This stuff is great B.T. Everyone who has tried it loves it and a bottle never lasts an entire day. From chili, wings, and bloody marys to eggs, burgers and dogs, and plain oyster crackers, 

Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Sauce rules! 

Mark -Tonawanda, NY USA


Yeah, Baby. This sauce is the best!

After I tried your Hot Sauce I realized what I was missing.

I will never go back to those “other brands”.

Nick B.-Lackawanna, NY USA 


I just want to say that I never used to put hot sauce on my wings. I used BBQ sauce.

Since I tried Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Sauce, I now like my wings a whole lot better!

I even add it to my Chili recipe and my family puts it on everything from eggs at breakfast…

to Pizza at anytime. The taste is addictive and always says….MORE! 

We’ve just GOTTA HAVE IT! 

Mickie B.-Buffalo, NY US


That’s what I’m talking about! It is the only really choice.

You can seriously put it on anything.(Even Fig Newton’s!)This stuff rocks! 

Jessica B.-Lackawanna, NY USA


I was visiting a friend in Buffalo and we wound up ordering out for some wings and pizza.

He invited me to try something new – Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Sauce.

Talk about a difference! I don’t know what you put in there,

Tom, but I think those wings were doing a chicken dance on my tonsils!

I tried some on the pizza, too, and again, the tangy flavor made the food come alive.

In a good way, though, not the Frankenstein kind of thing 🙂 ……Anyway, just wanted to commend you on your sauce, and find out when I’m going to be able to pick it up at the store. I’ve looked in Tops, Wegman’s, Quality….it’s just not out there, dude.

Where can I get some more?


Sincerely, Dave B.-Lockport, NY, USA


Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce is outstandingly sensational!

One taste and I was hooked. It adds a great kick to everything, from scrabbled eggs, to stuffing, to chili. I recommend you put it on all your pasta dishes also.

You gotta try it!

Kara Ann-Buffalo, NY USA


Buffalo Tom’s Hot Sauce is real good. It has flavor.

I took a bottle to my Dad and Step-Mom in Florida when I was there for a week and I tried not to eat a lot so I could save some for them but I couldn’t control myself. I ate like half the bottle. It’s really good with scrambled eggs and cheese. Then I had to try it on my fish. If you have leftover French-fries try mixing them with blue cheese, chunks of cheddar cheese, and Buffalo Tom’s Hot Sauce. It tastes great!

Erin S.-Buffalo, NY USA


Tom, your sauce is the best!

We used it to spice up our beef and bean chili, as well as an excellent kick to our various seafood entrees. Thanks!

Don K. -Kenmore, NY USA


Your sauce is awesome. I tried it recently at Shirttail Charlie’s and it kicks a**!!!

It’s great to see locals making a distinction in the community!

Good luck in the future!!

Maria P.-Fort Lauderdale, FL USA


Excellent, Just the right bite, can’t wait to see it in the stores!

Shannon B. -North Tonawanda, NY USA


Nice stuff, man. I look forward to picking up a bottle of your hot sauce.

David from Jackdaw -Buffalo, NY USA


I absolutely love BT’s sauce, so much in fact that I have my own personal bottle with a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign on it. I use it for almost everything…from homemade chili to Bloody Mary’s, or to just drink straight from the bottle!!!!!!!!

Audrey -Buffalo, NY, USA


Not even a fan of (mild) hot sauce, I have to tell you

It is without question the best sauce I’ve ever had!! Had some at the Clarence Gourmet food show on Saturday, it was excellent!! Anyone not opting to try Buffalo tom’s sauce is really missing something spectacular. Also fantastic in the lamb stew. Can’t wait until it hits the stores in the buffalo area, Soon to be at tops(so I’ve heard)and understandably so; doing quite well In Florida, too!!



I had my first try today on a ham and cheese sandwich.

Man! What flavor! I had to buy a bottle right away and I can’t wait to try it with some chicken!

Eric W. -Lockport, NY, USA


I had my first taste of Buffalo Tom’s gourmet sauce this weekend when I stopped into “D’Arcy McGee’s” in Buffalo, NY. I am not lying when I say this is the best hot sauce I have ever tasted! And

BT– the picture will arriving in a few weeks! 🙂

Kristy – Watertown, NY USA


I think it is the best hot sauce ever. It actually has FLAVOR. I have used it on everything from eggs to hamburgers. I mix it right in with the ground beef. Thanks BT

Joel B. – North Buffalo, NY USA


I was pleasantly surprised that the hot and spicy taste I enjoy did not leave the burnt lips/mouth feeling that as so many other hot sauces do. I bought a 10oz. Bottle a week ago and have already used half….it seems to go with everything…even potato chips!

Janice -Buffalo, NY USA


I just had to write in to see if there is a support group for my new addiction to your BUFFALO TOM’S SAUCE!!!!!! 

I think I might need to start one! I just ordered a CASE! And I can’t wait to get it and spread the joy to my friends and family! 

Thanks for the great product! 

Molly -Hamburg, NY, USA


The first time I tried BT’s I was amazed at how flavorful it was! 

You have accomplished your goal! I love it best on Pizza! When my cousin came over and tried to use it I said “Don’t you have your own? You come and eat ours and then I’m without BT’s!”

Shawna -Buffalo, NY USA


Your sauce helped me experience feelings that I haven’t felt since I was a very young child.

I’m renewed with the pleasures of just being alive. Thank You BT.

Alexis -Bradford NY, USA


A powerful blast of many different flavors, hard to find words to explain the experiences that my taste buds endured. Your sauce made my eggs eggcellent! 

Michele -Buffalo, NY USA


I want to tell everybody about Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Sauce. It’s the greatest. I like to use it to flavor a variety of dishes just before I go to a gig. It helps make the first set really cook. 

Party Squad Dave -Buffalo, NY USA


I have never been a big fan of hot sauce until I received my first bottle from Buffalo Tom. I’ve tried all kinds of hot sauce but couldn’t find one that I really liked. Buffalo Toms has a very definitive and unique taste that separates it from all the rest. Needless to say, that first bottle didn’t last very long. Great Job Buffalo Tom!! 

Tony S. -Amherst, NY USA


Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to try “Buffalo Tom’s Hot Sauce” and was quite impressed. I have tried countless brands of hot sauce and to be honest, nothing can compare! This is a hot sauce that is good on just about anything…drizzled on tortilla chips for a quick snack, to chicken wings, soups, chili, and the list goes on. I highly recommend this product to anyone. 

Dr. Dan -Amherst, NY USA


I love it! I never liked any hot sauces. Now I dont eat anything without it. Hamburgers, pizza all have better taste now! Also you need to bottle up that honey sauce. I got a taste of that and I am hooked! 

Lindsy B. -Cheektowaga, NY USA


This hot sauce is excellent. I’m a Buffalo expat and I’m always excited to get a taste of home.

In fact, this sauce is even better than anything I remember!

As they say around here, it tastes wicked good! 

Mike B. -Newport, Rhode Island USA


We recently came back from a trip to Buffalo with a bottle of Tom’s Gourmet sauce in our bags.

We wanted to make some BBQ beef sandwiches but didn’t have any BBQ sauce.

Someone suggested using Tom’s sauce and what an awesome surprise we had.

This stuff is great! We have since had it on Mexican food, cheese bread, and casserole. Thanks Tom.

Steve & Sandie R. -Phoenix, Arizona USA


Buffalo Tom

I received my first bottle of BT’s a few months ago, and I have to tell you and the world, that it was and still is the greatest taste experience. It brings life to ALL foods. My friend that sent it to me from BUFFALO turned me on in a WONDERFUL way to a WONDERFUL sauce. Since my first taste, I’ve bought 2 cases – I eat it on everything and share it with all my friends and they LOVE it too. 


******* GO BILLS!!!!! *******

Stacey -Stuart, Florida USA 


My sister and her boyfriend came to visit me from Buffalo and they brought my fiancee’ and I some of the Gourmet Hot Sauce. 

It is fabulous!!! We use it on chicken, taco’s, it’s great in chili, and even nachos. It is now a staple for us. 

On my most recent visit home to Buffalo, I acquired the new BBQ Burgandy and the new Honey BBQ sauce……

I can’t wait to get home and try it! Of course I will be packing some of the Original back home to Kentucky too.

Thanks Buffalo Tom!

Jennifer P. -Bowling Green, KY, USA


Just wanted to say, that I’ve tried lots of different Hot Sauces, and got to try Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce at Fire & Ice in Syracuse, NY today. It is by far the best I have ever tried. I really enjoy hot sauce on a lot of foods, and in recepies, and can’t wait to use Buffalo Tom’s in place of what I had been using. I was so impressed with the sample I tried at Fire & Ice, I bought a bottle on he spot. When I start to run low, I know I can get more here if I can’t find it locally, I’m going to be using Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce from now on. 

Thanks for being at Fire & Ice Buffalo Tom!! 

Karen S. -Syracuse, NY USA


Tom your hotsauce is awesome! It is very flavorful with the right amount of hot to it! My family puts it on everything from cheese and crackers and chicken wings to sandwiches. By far the best tasting sauce in the market place!

Mike K. – Tonawanda, NY USA


I purchased a BT gift basket with the intentions of sending it to South Carolina as a christmas gift. You had every flavor of sauce, a BT bottle holder and alot of other goodies in a basket wrapped and topped off with red, white and blue ribbons. It was so nice that I decided to keep it for myself! I’ll be purchasing 2 or more this christmas for gifts to out of state friends…and one for myself! GREAT SAUCE, GREAT GIFT!! 

Kristin -Buffalo, NY USA


The first time I heard of BTs’ sauce I was very skeptical cause all i ever ate was Franks hot sauce!! I know It’s the bad F word!! The first time i tried your sauce was the last time i ever had the F word!!!!!! Thanx BT for giving me a new and pleasureable experience in taste and flavor!!!

Tracy K. -Buffalo, NY USA


I wish we had this stuff in the U.K.! Better than vinegar on Fish-N-Chips! Just as hot as an Empire State Wrestling show! 

Danny Magic -Manchester, England


I ordered the sauce because of information from Chile Pepper Magazine’s web site. We always have 5-6 bottles of various hot sauces, and think we’re sort of connoisseurs. I ordered 3 bottles of Buffalo Tom’s medium sauce, and good thing, because bottle 1 is 1/2 gone in 3 days! The sauce is so good – not ultra vinegary, and with so much flavor. We can’t wait to have more product offerings from the Buffalo man! 

Lynne Nielsen -Danville, California USA


Buffalo Tom’s Hot Sauce rocks the body that rocks the party, This is hot sauce at it’s best, and you can trust that, coming from the coverboy. 

Coverboy Cade Cassidy -Tampa Bay, Florida USA


So I am sitting there, eatting some fries… and in walks “Danny Boy” Dan Murphy… with a bottle of BT’s Hot Sauce. Murphy was like… “Mandrake… your the ESW Hardcore Champion… You HAVE to try BT’s Hot Sauce… this stuff is HARDCORE!!!” 

Sure enough, I tried them on the fries.. and … AWESOME stuff!!! 

Now I have it on everything!!! 

Best hot sauce I have ever tasted 

BT’s Hot Sauce 

Recommended by ESW Hardcore Champion Marc Mandrake 

Marc Mandrake -Detroit USA


As the lead singer of Tears End, the radio host for NO DQ Wrestling Talk Radio on 107-7 WNSA and on http://web.archive.org/web/20070318231448/, the wrestling columnist with the Buffalo Sports Report, and the world’s great Indy Manager with ESW and OSPW, I am a very busy man. I even coach tee ball for crying out loud! 

So when I need to cook up something…I need to do it fast! So I need to add flavor fast! AND I LIKE IT HOT! So I grab the nearest bottle of Buffalo Tom’s Hot Sauce. Drop it all over nachos, wings, you name it! IT’S MMM MMM GOOD!!! 


Chris H -Syracuse…Now Buffalo, NY USA 


I’ve tried all of the flavors of Buffalo Toms Gourmet Hot Sauces, but my personal favorite is Barbeque Burgundy. No matter which flavor you crave most, you’ll end up like me, A WINNER.


The BISHOP -Iron Island, Buffalo, NY USA 


Buffalo Tom’s Hot Sauce drives my tastebuds CRAZY, and sends me into a frenzy. I dare you to give it a taste, and I GUARANTEE it will cause your mouth to experience MAY-HEM. Really, will you run from a challenge like, Jonny Puma, or are you a TRUE CHAMPION?! 

Crazy Cris Cavana -Amityville 🙂

Thank you Buffalo Tom for creating such a wonderful Hot Sauce. Its a combination of Heaven and Hell, it makes all food just that much better. Much like me its Almost Perfect. 

the DEACON -Iron Island, Buffalo, NY USA 


I got my last bottle for free as a personal gift from Buffalo Tom.

See I went over to his house one day (uninvited), & sawe some of the stuff just sitting around.

He was acting a tough like I shouldn’t have “broke into” the house, & I was going to pay for the sauce. 

Then I told him like it was, “I’m an ESW Superstar, I’ll do as I damn well please!” 

I then stabbed him in the neck & went home… I’d KILL for some of Buffalo Tom’s Hot Sauce… Can you blame me? 

TSK -Gratwick – North Tonawanda, NY 


Being known for not liking a lot of things or people..just ask some of the ESW locker room. I’ll say this much, this sauce is the best!!! 

Nigel B. ESW Commentator -NYC, NY USA


Tom your hot sauce is unlike no other. I have never been one to put hot sauce on anything but I am now. Me and my friend bought bottles from you at the Flea Market. Best choice we ever made.

This hot sauce really kicks its truely uh may zing! Good luck 

Jared -West Seneca, NY USA


I was sitting in my office at my desk at work today and in walks Dave and BUFFALO TOM! He told me he heard I was out of his Gourmet Hot Sauce so he made a special stop in Bowling Green, KY on his way to Texas! Talk about great customer service! On top of being stunned and surprised, I was excited that I had another bottle of the Gourmet Hot Sauce and glad I got to meet the master behind it! He even autographed my bottle for me and they were on their way to Texas. 

Thanks Dave and Buffalo Tom and


Jennifer P. -Bowling Green, KY USA


From all the staff of D’Arcy McGee’s Irish Pub and Restaurant good luck in Texas. I hope they enjoy your sauce as much as our customers. 

Keep some sauce for us! 

Conor H. -Buffalo, NY USA


Howdy BT! Remember the three Texans on a road trip that stopped off in Buffalo and met you in that Irish Pub? You gave us a bottle of your sauce and we used it for the rest of our trip. Damn good sauce. Some of the best we’ve tasted from Yankee land. Send us an email if you come to Austin for a competition. Thanks again for the sauce. 

Jana – Shea – Joseph -Austin, TX USA 


Hey Tom.

I’m Jim Sieroslawsk out here in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I’m Mike M. brother in law. He sent me a bottle of your delicious hot sauce.

I shared it with all the troops out here and it’s a sure hit. Everyone just loves it.

IT was gone as quick as I opened it. 

Thanks for bringing up the morale out here with your specialty hot sauce. 

Keep up the great work! 

Jim and the rest of NMCB 21


Tom your hot sauce is unlike no other.

I have never been one to put hot sauce on anything but I am now. Me and my friend bought bottles from you at the Flea Market. Best choice we ever made. This hot sauce really kicks its truely uh may zing! Good luck 

Jared – West Seneca, NY USA


I have never been one to like hot sauce Untill I tried Buffalo Tom’s hot sauce. It has just enough kick mixed with just enough Flavor. It is truly the best tasting HOT SAUCE I have ever had..So don’t give it a second thought pick up a bottle or two and give it a try you won’t be sorry.. 

Marion Crout -Buffalo, NY USA


I just went to the flea market the other day and picked up a bottle for the first time.

I also got a chance to meet the maker of this great hot sauce.

Now there is nothing I don’t put this on. This tastes great on just about everything and it’s flavor is amazing.

Yet it is not overpowered by the hotness! 

This has to be the greatest hot sauce I have ever tasted!!

Thank you Buffalo Tom.

Christian -Batavia, NY USA


Hi,Tom guess what I found.Oh my goodness my husband is in his glory.

You have the best sauce around.Good luck on all your new flavors.

Diane -Buffalo, NY USA


That’s some mighty fine hot sauce! Bought some at the Superflea yesterday,(recommended by our friend & wrestler Kelly S.)and used it that night on some pizza. It kicks ass! Some hot sauces are merely hot and flavorless, but not this!(good bite though)Get some today or you’ll regret it!!!!

Dan B -West Seneca, NY USA


Hey Tom it was great meeting you at the Iron Island festival in Buffalo NY this year. Me and my family love the hot sauce, my dad and me are making hot wings today. Hope to see there again next year. Your friend RJ.

RJ P. -Beckley, WV USA


BT, Gourmet Hot Sauce is AWESOME! So glad we spotted you at the Iron Island Festival, just getting here to check website & glad to see it is available at so many local places! Due for a new bottle & going to Sloan Supermarket tomorrow! Glad I checked out the site! Can’t wait to try the new

Burgundy. The mix of flavors is perfect! Great on veggie & white pizza, besides regular & all other things! Haven’t had it w/popcorn yet, but that just popped into my head! Gonna go get some now! 

Thanks for the introduction to a mighty fine product! 

Jamie B. -Buffalo, NY USA 


This sauce is great! I told Tom that I didn’t like hot sauce and he told me to just try it, he’d never met anyone who didn’t like HIS hot sauce.. so I took his test, and he was right!! It’s the best hot sauce I’ve ever had! Thanks 


Valerie C. -Olathe, Kansas USA