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Recipe by: Tony – Niagara Falls, New York


1 large onion diced
1 red bell pepper diced
1/2 pablano pepper diced
4 cloves garlic finely chopped
7 mushrooms diced
2 cans san marzano tomatoes
2 cups rice
3/4 cup Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce
2 bay leaf
3 sprig fresh thyme pick the leaves off
3 boneless skinless chicken breast approx 18-20 oz cut to bite sized pieces
4 cherizo sausage coin sliced 1/2inch thick
1 pound shrimp peeled and cleaned
salt, pepper, olive oil, chicken stock


Season chicken with salt and pepper both sides In a 6 QT saucepan partially cook chicken and sausage. Remove and set aside but leave the juice behind. Add a little olive oil and saute’ all the veggies leaving the garlic for last.

Season with salt and pepper. Add tomatoes, Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce, bay leaves and thyme, Bring to a boil.

Reduce heat to a simmer and add rice.Continue stirring till moisture is absorbed and rice is cooked.

For additional moisture add chicken stock if necessary.

Add cooked chicken and sausage.

Add shrimp and cook till shrimp is done.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Serves 1 yes I’m a pig!