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Sent in by: Peter Harzewski – Westchester, NY

Items needed and preparation:

Large sized knackwurst (Schaller & Weber, Hartmans, etc) Wrap with one slice of bacon (use toothpicks to hold in place. Extra slice of bacon per wurst.

Grill over medium-low heat, careful not to scorch bacon.
Grill extra slices of bacon, starting on indirect heat. Finish over direct heat.

Mix Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Sauce with honey mustard about 50/50, looking for smooth taste with just enough kick. Spread on both sides of bun. Lay sliced pepper jack next on bun.
Sit knackwurst in bun, and add extra slice of bacon.
Add green relish down one side, jalapeno pepper jelly down the other. Finish with extra BT sauce mix on top.