Buffalo Tom’s BBQ Pulled Pork 2017-08-10T02:32:41+00:00

Recipe By: Buffalo Tom – Buffalo, New York

BBQ Pork


5 Lbs of already cooked BBQ Pork

2 1/2 Lbs of already cooked Pork (No Sauce)

1 Cup of Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce


In large sauce pan or skillet on medium heat start heating up the 5 Lbs of already cooked BBQ Pulled Pork. (constantly stirring so it does not burn)

Once the mixture is well mixed together turn down the heat to a low setting and let it simmer.

Now, With gloves on break apart the 2 1/2 Lb portion of pulled pork with no sauce and add it to the BBQ Pork mixture. Then pour the portion of Buffalo Tom’s on top and throughly mix it all together.

Cover on low heat and let simmer, while stirring occasionaly, until the mixture has formed together and is Hot enough to serve to your liking.

Serve on your favorite roll and top with your favorite melted cheese for an extra treat.

And if you want go ahead and drizzle a little more of Buffalo Tom’s on top, I promise I won’t tell anybody…

“Yeah Baby”

Please note: Buffalo Tom purchases the already cooked pulled pork from Willowbrook Farms at the Clinton & Bailey Market.