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Since 1976 I have been involved in the Restaurant Industry. I have developed skills in every aspect of the business. Originally from Buffalo New York, I  spent  10 years in Ft. Lauderdale Fla, from 1992 to 2002 sharing my Hot Sauce at a few Restaurants that employed me.

Ft. Lauderdale, is a hot vacation spot and visited by people from other states and abroad and I have been asked over and over again by my customers, when my Sauce will be coming to their home town. In April of 2002 I decided to move back to Buffalo and embark on a mission to give my customers, from around the world, what they have been asking for.

Please allow me to introduce to you Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce. My Sauce began it’s Journey into the Marketplace in 2002 and for 5 years there was a steady climb of new customers and reorders from Established customers. I had at least 1 customer from every State and so I was then able to announce the phrase…”Buffalo Tom’s Across The Nation”

In 2007 my Sauce Production was put on hold due to circumstances beyond my control and Family Matters that needed my utmost full attention ( Being a Full Time Caregiver of my Mom and Dad). My Dad passed in 2012, on July 3rd, one day shy of his 86th Birthday. My Dad was born on the 4th of July in 1926 and named after the President at that time…”Calvin Coolidge” R.I.P. Dad, Love and Miss you so much. I  took care of my Mom who was battling Alzheimers for 9 years and she recently lost that battle on March 8th of 2016, also at the age of 86. You will forever and always be inside my heart Momma. I brought my sauce back out after my Dad passed in 2012 and since my Mom’s passing, I am now searching for a small Restaurant Pub to open up to house all of my sauce flavors, sooner then later!

I highly recommend my (Original) hot sauce to be 2nd to none in the industry. Being of medium hotness with a flavor sensation all it’s own, Buffalo Tom’s can be used as an additive or a topping to boost the flavor of any food, from breakfast to dinner and beyond! Do Yourself and Your taste buds a favor and Just try it, and say “Yeah Baby” Just like I Did!


Buffalo Tom, is also now offering Gallons of his Original Sauce to Supermarkets, Restaurants, Pizzerias, Deli’s & Catering companies to use on their choice of prepared menu items, and his Bottles can now be found in 40 retail locations (and growing) in and around his home town of Buffalo, N.Y.

National exposure to the locations listed above is currently in it’s final stages to bring you all, The Only Real Choice when it comes to all around flavor with a kick, but in the mean time order some up by clicking right here  in 2 Packs , 4 packs, 6 packs or by the case and take advantage of (Free Shipping Nationwide on all order choices.)

Buffalo Tom has also been seen in the kitchen preparing his soon to be released Bloody Mary Mix that was created with his original sauce as a base, along with 4 more flavors of Gourmet Hot Sauce, Flavored Salsa’s, A Original Spice Shaker, an assortment of flavored Nuts and Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Flavored Brick of Cheese.

So saddle up partners and join the all around flavor wagon train as it has officially left the station, but no worries there is plenty of room for you all.

Hope to see you all on the trail  and please keep all those Photos, Recipes, Reviews and Testimonials coming!


      Buffalo Tom